Your Band: Sarah Wright

We couldn't continue to perform at our consistent best without the ongoing support of many within the Wellington Brass community. From those 'woodshedding' the band room to those around the committee board room, we have a number of people working behind the scenes to ensure the band are able to perform at their very best. 

Meet our new Production and Archives Assistant

The most recent addition to our team is Sarah Wright who joins us in the role of Production and Archives Assistant. This role has been initiated to provide an opportunity for an emerging artist to develop curatorial skills, organisation of our performance projects and to work with our histories and share it. This will involve making our library more accessible to our musicians, presenting our archives and updating with audio and visual media.


We caught up with Sarah to have a chat about what makes this role interesting, what a typical day away from or to the practise stand involves and whats on the current playlist...

Can’t sorry I have band practice! And then all the usual behind the scenes, what’s you a typical day look like?

Everyday is a bit different but during the week I usually struggle up the hill to uni and learn about some rocks (I study Geology at Victoria University of Wellington). This is then followed by coffee, some cornet practice (at the moment practicing test pieces for nationals) and study.

If you could invite anyone to a band curry, dead, alive, or otherwise, real or imagined, who would it be and why?
David Attenborough for sure, I’m sure he likes brass bands… and curry!

What hobbies do you partake in outside of music?
Outside of this city life, I love horse riding and have a few horses at home down south. I also quite enjoy a good historical novel, hanging with mates and getting out to do and see new things, especially in nature!

What’s the best part about being apart of Wellington Brass?

The band has an awesome social atmosphere and both Matt and Dave are great to play under (even if Dave likes to roast us sometimes). We also play some epic music, check out our Town Hall Series programme to see what I mean!

What’s on your playlist right now?
Amongst a few brass band test pieces theres some Ocean Alley, Fleetwood Mac, Arctic Monkeys and Lady Gaga.

As our first Intern as Production and Archives Assistant What do you see being the most interesting or challenging part of the job?
Working the photocopier!