Contest before Contest

Hello al! My name’s Brad, and I’m the band’s flugel player. We are now well on our way in preparing for this year’s National contest, which is now only a few weeks away. This will be my seventh contest with the band, and the pieces are starting to shape up nicely.

This year’s contest is in the big smoke of Hamilton! We still have a few more full weekend rehearsals to go, a bit more time to nail our terry tuckers and boost our overall rating from David from a 4.1/10 to at least a 5/10 before July. Hopefully we can also find time to squeeze a band curry or two in there too! As usual, to be fair to the other bands, we have kept our marching rehearsals to a minimum (we don’t want to peak too soon! It seriously wouldn’t be fair in the others).

Editor Note: Brad had no photos, so stalked Facebook. (Sam is a proud marcher!)

Editor Note: Brad had no photos, so stalked Facebook. (Sam is a proud marcher!)

We have a large group of people competing in solo events earlier in the week also, so as you can imagine, it really is a busy time for us! Both Andrew Yorkstone and Samiu Atiola are off to a great start with winning their sections in last weekend’s Wellington district solo comp! Sam is still fizzing and we can’t get the smile off his face.

Since battler’s last blog post, for peace of mind she went looking for our west side story cornetists, but seems to have got a little lost along the way as we haven’t seen her since. Hopefully she will be back again soon. Come along and get in on the action, either at one of our rehearsals before we go, at the contest itself, or at our pre-contest concert. Bring on Hamilton! And let’s make the 13th July the new best night of my life!