Marching Practice?

Hi everyone! I’m Scott and I’m from the bass section of the band. What a weekend the band’s just had! We spent it getting all our pieces together in preparation for nationals. It can be difficult to tell how the band is sounding from the back-row of the band but I must say that the percussion section is sounding epic. In order to get a reliable idea of how the band is sounding overall, I find myself eagerly awaiting the classic numerical rating from Dave. However, to my disappointment I don’t think we were given a concrete rating for the weekend. Instead, I believe Dave noted that the band was full of aspiration and we were heading towards a 6… or even a 6.1 - Amazing! If you’re a bit worried about the score still being a tad low, do not worry, the finishing touches will be added up in Hamilton.

Other highlights (or lowlights for some) of the band weekend included:

- A delectable Oreo cake made by Champ to celebrate his birthday earlier in the week;

- Buzz reportedly forcing his poor, young Wellingtonian son into a Crusaders jersey following the Super Rugby final on Saturday night;

- The band being gifted the music for another banger of a chart for the street march. We’ll practice the actual marching later (we promise); and

- An off-colour Luke arriving suspiciously late to rehearsal on Sunday morning… and then mysteriously disappearing for a toilet break of curious length soon after he arrived (was the man hung-over?!).

From here, there are now just two days left until the contest begins up in Hamilton. Before we make our way up to Hamilton, we have our pre-contest concert- Exhibition tonight (tickets here), where we will be playing alongside Hutt City Brass, Trust Porirua Brass and Chicago Brass at the Salvation Army Citadel on Vivian Street. Make sure you come along to what is set to be a fantastic time.

Before I sign off, I’d like to congratulate Wellington Brass members Vincent and Hamish for performing with the National Youth Orchestra over this past weekend too.

See you at nationals; these ones will be my 10th with the band!