Wellington Brass Band Foundation

With the modern economic climate, where commercial sponsorship is diminishing, Wellington Brass Band is one of many Cultural and Sporting organisations around New Zealand currently relying on the generosity of Charitable Trusts to support funding projects. There is however a reality of increasing pressure on Charitable Trusts. 
More organisations are asking for funding. Year on year available funds are shrinking to distribute to organisations and Government legislation culminate that continued support from Charitable Trusts will become increasingly more difficult to a point where it is no longer viable.

The objective of the Wellington Brass Foundation is to safeguard the financial future stability of the Wellington Brass organisation.  It is to ensure that a robust entity can support the objectives and operational finances of the band.  By donating to the band, whether in planned giving or one off donation, you will not only help ensure the future of the Wellington Brass Organisation, but aid to make the organisation stronger.  
All bequeathed and donated money is never spent (unless explicitly instructed by the donor), only the accumulated capital funds income earned from investments will be spent for the primary benefit of the Wellington Brass Organisation.   The Foundation has board members that will ensure the invested income funds are fairly distributed to the band organisation when available and will account for inflation by making adjustments to the funds distributed year on year, to ensure that your donation will be meaningful for the long term financial future of Wellington Brass Band Incorporated.

When making a donation or bequest, you are welcome to specify all or a portion where you wish the income earn't is to be applied to.


Contact James Sutherland for information